Controlled traffic farming (CTF) is the start of a journey – a journey to reduce production costs and increase yields while improving soil health and delivering positively to the environment. It works on the principle that “if it’s not broken, you don’t need to fix it”. Much of the time and energy we put into soils is to undo the compaction damage we have caused by driving machines all over them. This video clip shows just how severe the effects can be. As machines are getting heavier and heavier, this damage is extending deeper and deeper into the soil profile. So deep in fact, that damage may already be uneconomic to repair.

Controlled traffic farming turns our present production systems on their head by leaving 80 – 90% of fields permanently without compaction, rather than the other way around. CTF aims to confine soil compaction to the least possible area of permanent traffic lanes. It sounds simple but because our machines have never been designed to do this, it needs a lot of thought and good planning to get it right. Look at this simple flash animation (English) (Deutsch) (Français) to see how CTF brings order to chaos! If you would like to read more about CTF in Danish, please visit our partner site at ctfeurope.dk

If you think CTF makes sense download a flier to find out more and join the increasing number of growers who want to embrace the "straight and narrow" and are being helped by becoming a member of the CTF Network.


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Monday, November 16, 2020

Remote monitoring of crop health Monitoring and predicting crop growth rates Yield prediction Estimations of irrigation requirements Reduction of crop lodging risk Optimisation of input applications The University of Hertfordshire’s Centre for Astrophysics Research has been awarded £200,000 in funding from the Science and Technology Facilities Council to develop and bring to market its ClearSky technology in partnership with Agrimetrics, who operate a Data Marketplace for the Agri-food sector.

Monday, November 16, 2020

Unique technology for the highest flexibility Convenient operation was a major point of focus, making settings such as working depth, coulter pressure and seed rate calibration easy to perform, and mounting and removing the machine as easy as possible Thanks to the short and compact design of the power harrow and coulter rail, the centre of gravity of the machine is very close to the tractor's rear axle The front hopper has been designed to ensure that these machines meet the market's specifications and expectations Pöttinger, the specialist for tillage and seed drill technology, has further expanded its range of AEROSEM pneumatic seed drills.