ISTRO Controlled Traffic Working Group

This working group on controlled traffic farming (CTF) is open to all interested members of ISTRO as well as invited specialists and some commercial organisations. if you wish to join, please e-mail Tim Chamen

This page is being used to report the activities of the group as well as acting as a notice board for events and for communications. It also has a downloadable spreadsheet for you to record what CTF-related research you are doing and would like to make known to others. The objectives and history of the working group are given further down the page.

Ongoing research

To help you plan and standardize your research, please use our research spreadsheet. Not only will this help in your planning but there is a section on collaboration, where you can invite others to participate or offer your help and expertise to others. If you would like to make your spreadsheet available on our website, please send it to with "Research Database" in the subject line.

The research spreadsheets we have received so far are listed under the different countries below.



United Kingdom

ISTRO Working Group Events

Event reports

The report of our workshop held in Sweden in May 2012 has been produced as an interactive pdf file with links to all the presentations and other relevant information. The report augments the presentations with notes from the author's spoken words which can be used alongside. Also included are the field visits and notes from some of the discussions. Please make full use of the pdf file bookmarks shown on the left which when clicked will jump you to any part of the file. FOR FULL FUNCTIONALITY PLEASE SAVE THE FILE TO YOUR OWN COMPUTER.

Report from workshop in Sweden, 24-25 May 2012

Report from workshop in Bavaria, 25-26 May 2011

ISTRO Working Group Past Events

24-25 May 2012. Skåne, Sweden

A combination of presentations and visits to fields of practising controlled traffic farmers. Discussions centring on soil and crop improvement and methods of introducing and maintaining controlled traffic farming systems.

25-26 May 2011. Freising, Bavaria

The meeting took place at the Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture and then moved to a commercial farm at Eichstaett to visit field research on wheat, rye and sugar beet using CTF and different tillage strategies.

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17-18 August 2010. Tänikon, Switzerland

CTF and Conservation Tillage in the Framework of Small Scale Farming

The workshop included visits to CTF trials, work on non-inversion tillage and direct seeding. It also featured nitrate leaching from ploughed and no-till soils. Additionally there were reports on CTF research being carried out across Europe and other parts of the world.

CTF Working Group meeting on Tuesday 16 June at ISTRO 2009 in Izmir, Turkey

Further workshop reports

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CTF workshop at Colworth, UK. 10 April 2008

A full report on the workshop is available from the link below:

Report on CTF Workshop at Colworth

CTF workshop in Nitra, Slovakia. 22-24 April 2008

A full report on the workshop is now available from the link below.
Report on CTF Workshop in Nitra, Slovakia

Netherlands, 23-25 May 2007 - seasonal controlled traffic in vegetable production

report on the workshop is available from the link below

CTF Workshop in the Netherlands, May 2007

ISTRO 2006 conference in Kiel, Germany. August/Sept 2006

The theme of the conference was "Soil Management for Sustainability", which was perfectly in tune with the aims of the CTF working group. A report from this meeting is available below.

ISTRO 2006 CTF Working Group meeting report

Denmark CTF Workshop, 16th-18th November 2005.

This 3-day workshop was organized by our Danish colleagues and was a combination of farm visits, discussion forums and presentations. We visited DIAS institutions at Foulum and Bygholm where research projects were described and aspects of soil management and controlled traffic discussed. Twenty two people from widely differing backgrounds and seven different countries (including several farmers from the UK) came together to exchange ideas and experiences. The following report on the workshop activities and outcomes is available to download:

Danish Workshop Summary [Word format]

July 2004, 2-day workshop in Silsoe, UK.

The following reports from the meeting can be downloaded:

Workshop summary [pdf format]
Summary slides [pdf format]
Dutch Controlled traffic farm-based trial [pdf format]
CTF Weed Management Strategies [pdf format]
Meeting discussion prompts [PowerPoint format]

ISTRO CTF Working Group history and objectives

The group came into being at the 16th triennial conference of the International Soil Tillage Research Organisation (ISTRO) in Brisbane in July 2003 The objectives of the group are reflected by the following paragraphs:

"To critically review both scientific and practical evidence of the benefits and shortcomings of controlled traffic farming systems and to identify gaps in knowledge and areas of research where further work is needed. In particular, to pinpoint research that will appraise the linkage between tillage, traffic and favourable soil structure."

"In addition, the group aims to encourage and if possible facilitate the use of CTF in a way that delivers benefits in as wide a range of climates and ecozones as possible. This should be done in a way that improves the financial viability of food production while addressing environmental and food safety issues."

The group understands that CTF practitioners drive its core activity of identifying and undertaking appropriate research. If you are a CTF practitioner and consider that an aspect of the system or its deliverables needs attention, research or development, then please email us.